We're proud to receive some exceptional compliments from our clients and here are just a few of them.

Strom Construction Inc. has worked with JJ at EDG numerous times over the years. He is always very professional and exceeds our expectations every time. His plans are very accurate, easy to work with and we highly recommend him.

Stromconstructioninc | 11/22/2013

We hired Elite Design Group to design our 6,500+ sq.ft. waterfront home in the Lake Norman Area and the process could not have gone more smoothly. The owner, JJ Barja is extremely creative and talented. He is the only architect that we have worked with that truly listens to what the customer wants/needs and then delivers that back to you in a very timely manner. His experience is vast and he can design any style of architecture that the customer/client desires. JJ and his company are a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them!

Haduke | 01/29/2014

We engaged Elite Design Group, JJ Barja to design our home. The group is highly professional and experts in their area. JJ was always a keen listener and he truly tried to understand our requirements. JJ also worked closely with an international architect who was involved in this project. JJ made the whole process smooth while he was working through the complexities and our unique architectural requests.We could turn to JJ for guidance and suggestions and he took care of every detail through the process. JJ and team are truly incredible to work with and very professional. We highly recommend this group.

We are extremely glad that we met JJ thorugh this process or else we would not have met a great individual.

Akm333 | 08/30/2015

I was introduced to JJ Barja of Elite Design Group to help design a new mid century modern home. JJ did an amazing job listening to what I had envisioned and put pen to paper to design exactly what we wanted right off the bat. He also worked with me to find a builder who not only met our budget but was a true pleasure to work with. I could not be more pleased with every aspect of the design/build process of our house. It was exactly what we wanted.

Grt2fly | 10/01/2015

Have had a good experience so far, could have been a little clearer in explaining time lines but thus far, we are happy with their services...

Darrington3033 | 03/06/2016

JJ Barja and his team are first class. My clients have used Elite Design Group many times and all are very satisfied with his work.

Plattner Custom Builders, LLC | 03/19/2016

JJ and his team did a phenomenal job at listening to our needs and delivered a truly one of a kind design. The attention to detail and quality is evident. Thank you!

Smita Korr | 10/03/2016

Working with JJ is a unique experience. He has fresh ideas, is fast paced, won't give up until everyone is satisfied, doesn't take the easy way out, and is up for any design challenge. He worked on drawings to remodel our master bedroom and bath, kitchen, family room, garage/shop, and a detached apartment/pool room/office. We are currently in the middle of our master bedroom/bath and garage/shop remodel, and love it! After that is finished, we will move on to the kitchen. We live in a mid century style house, so it was nice to have JJ think outside the box. He presented us with many ideas, listened to what we needed, and incorporated both function as well as cool designs. He literally sketched out all the ideas free hand walking around observing and listening. And then tweaked them as we brain stormed. JJ is a pleasure to work with. We love his high energy! He can accomplish in one meeting what takes some designers weeks and months to do. When you see JJ in action, you will appreciate his talent.

Csala003 | 10/03/2016

Working with JJ Barja was truly a great experience. Our home design is spectacular! JJ listened carefully to our requests for our home design and brought all the ideas together beautifully. Elite Design Group provided a very professional design and everyone was very helpful to us.

Jtye18 | 10/03/2016

Have met twice. Does a great job of listening and applying requests/changes. Looking forward to the future renditions and final drawings.

Paul Jaszewski | 10/13/2016

"Listening is a greater gift than creativity."
5 Star Rated Designer

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