We're proud to receive some exceptional compliments from our clients and here are just a few of them.

Elite Design Group has designed many beautiful homes that our company has constructed over the past 10 years. They deliver a wonderful plan, in a timely manner, and low cost to our clients. J.J. Barja is really creative with his designs, and can accommodate plans that range from low budget to multimillion dollar homes. Great to work with, and will continue to use in the future.

Jimmy Holevas

Holevas Holton Custom Homes

Holevas & Holton Custom Homes | 10/20/2013

JJ Barja of Elite Design Group was the principal involved in designing our new home and preparing the construction drawings. We wanted our new home to be similar to, but not the same as, the house we owned in Houston, Texas, and this is exactly what was delivered. JJ Barja worked exceptionally well with us and our builder. His knowledge, experience, capabilities and strong work ethic enabled him to meet all deadlines. He was responsive, accommodating and always willing to provide his professional opinion. We were extremely impressed by his willingness to take input from us and, most importantly, the creativity and flexibility he demonstrated in providing us with options rather than a single solution. Our experience with JJ Barja and Elite Design Group was outstanding.

Jxcousins | 10/20/2013

As a custom home builder, we are dependent on architects and designers as they create the plans we construct. The plans provided by EDG are creative in design, and complete in terms of the detail required to actually build the project. In addition, changes along the way are a normal component of building a custom home. Working with JJ at EDG to make changes to align construction requirements to design goals has been a pleasure as he comes up with creative solutions and implements them in a timely manner, without stacking on additional fees for minor changes. Said another way, EDG takes ownership for the plans they create, which is essential for a successful custom home project.

Dyeary | 10/21/2013

JJ and Elite Design Group did an excellent job designing our custom waterfront home. He understood what we were asking for and worked with us until everything was perfect. He continued to have a good relationship with the builder during the construction process. We loved the attention to detail and the creativity in his designs. He was very timely, efficient, and easy to work with. We would recommend him highly.

Alheider | 10/21/2013

JJ listened to what my Wife and I wanted and took the time to learn about the things that were important to us and sketched it out...and it was exactly what we were looking for. JJ and his staff has been great to work with and I highly recommend Elite Design Group.

Driving101 | 10/22/2013

Engaged EDG through our builder to design house plans for the builder to work from. EDG was very professional, attentive to our needs/desires and provided creative solutions to challenging design issues. We would highly recommend them.

Rhunt580 | 10/24/2013

I am a custom home builder in the Charlotte area. I have worked with many architects over my career. Elite Design Group has always offered excellent design work and great creativity in their plans. They have great vision with both renovation and new construction projects. the above comments reflect their dedication to the owner. As a contractor, they also offer great products and services. Their plans are "buildable". Rarely are there field conflicts with the design and actual construction. However, if there are, Elite Design Group does not hesitate to make a site visit to remedy the situation.


Waynestover | 10/27/2013

JJ and his staff are great to work with. They listen to the client and their needs and take into consideration the building process to develop a custom home plan.

New Tradition Homes Of NC | 10/27/2013

I have worked with Elite Design Group for over three years and find them to be very talented and professional. They continue to produce unique and interesting designs which vary from client to client and do not take on a cookie cutter, one design fits all approach. I would rank Elite Design Group as one of the best in the Charlotte area and most likely the best value of anyone I the area.

Gary Barnes PE

G B Engineering

Gbarnes12 | 10/29/2013

When we moved to Charlotte, NC we worked with JJ Barja of Elite Design Group to design our home. It was a wonderful experience. JJ talked us through the process and listened to our needs and desires. He incorporated the way we live on a daily basis in his design to meet all of our needs. Not only does our home meet our needs, but its beautiful! He added features that we weren't expecting but couldn't be more pleased with. He is a professional that I would recommend to anyone looking to build and would definitely use in the future.

Loriaevans | 10/29/2013

"Listening is a greater gift than creativity."
5 Star Rated Designer

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