RaquelOffice Manager

Raquel was born and raised and Miami, so even though she’s been living in Charlotte since her 20s, she goes back each year to visit family. Throughout her career, she’s gravitated to office environments, working for corporate giants like Exxon-Mobile.

While she attributes her corporate experience to being fortunate, Raquel admits that she’s very good at figuring the ins and outs of computer programs on her own. In fact, her favorite part of working at Elite Design Group is taking a program new to her like Quickbooks and being able to produce reports under pressure.

“I like being able to have someone ask me for something, a report or some information, and I can provide that right away after figuring out how a new program works.” She maintains her cool when others (mainly her husband ???? are about to lose it, so she feels at home as the mellowest member the EDG team.

Raquel keeps everything on track and at EDG, so all projects can be completed in a timely manner. She’s integral to keeping everything on schedule and organized so that the design team can spend as much time as they need creating beautiful, personal home designs.

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" Listening is a greater gift than creativity."
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