NickOperations Manager/COO

Nick hails from Miami and first moved to Charlotte in 2005, feeling the need for a change of scenery and a career change. Armed with a background in IT and network administration, he started his sales career working for various telecommunication firms, promoting high-speed internet (DSL, baby!).

After a short foray into security systems and leading his team to national recognition in B2B sales, Nick decided to open his own marketing company to help small businesses sell their products and services. He started by helping his friend open a landscaping business – while Nick took care of sales and marketing, he didn’t shy away from getting his hands dirty and doing some of the physical work himself.

J.J. is an old friend of Nick’s, so when he decided to grow Elite Design Group and saw the need for more marketing and social media outreach, he came to Nick for help. When he first came in, he didn’t know anything about home designs – only knew how to sell things.

“It took me a couple of months to learn about the process of designing and building homes. I learned from Elias, learned a lot from J.J., from John in New York, and even learned from Wes! I figured out the business needed some restructuring, streamlining, but ultimately I decided that it was possible to grow J.J.’s original concept exponentially.”

While Nick’s favorite pastime at EDG is making fun of the team, it’s his power of persuasion that makes him such a valuable addition to the team. What drives Nick? He says, “My main concern in life is wanting to provide for my family. I fear not being able to do that. Other than that, I can conquer all. I conquered my fear of heights by bungee jumping. Twice. What I haven’t done is skydiving. I gotta do that one day.”

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