Modern Prairie

South Park/Charlotte | 2015

A unique home design that mashes up a Modern Contemporary, Asian, and Prairie Style. Located in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina this home design brings multiple styles and creates a one of a kind home that can stand the test of time. The clients wanted a very modern style home but also one that would still be eye catching in years to come. With real-estate values trending up in the Charlotte area, this particular home will most definitely keep and grow it’s value. A big focal point to this design is it’s outdoor space in the back. With a covered outdoor dining area that has an amazing outdoor fireplace as you transition into a wonderful lounge area that will keep your guest entertained for hours. Next is an elevated hot tub section with the fireplace behind it encased in glass that waterfalls into a very modern and spacious pool. To finish it, a beautiful wooden deck surrounds it all making it feel like you are in a far away, exotic location elevating your levels of relaxation. The use of stone, wood, fire, and water in this design make it a most zen place for these homeowners.

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