JJCEO and Lead Designer

J.J. was born and (mostly) raised in Charlotte, making him a local without the accent. He has always been interested in architecture, his interest first taking shape during his time in England. While he loved English houses, he wasn’t interested in how they were put together, how they structurally worked, until later.

After deciding that he wanted to design houses, life brought J.J. there. It took the meeting the right people at the right time and place. He learned about architecture and CAD, and then took a job with a well-known design firm in Charlotte. He was inspired by the people he worked for, to the point where he felt he could do it on his own, in his own way.

His own way means that there isn’t a typical day at the office. Most days, he’ll start with 4 shots of espresso, and then work alongside his kids in his living room. Even with the perk of being around his family all day, he manages to stay creative and draw until dinnertime.

The thing that J.J. enjoys most about his job is the initial creative process. “I just like drawing. When it’s just me and a piece of paper.” Combined with being present at a build, creativity is truly the best part of J.J.’s work at Elite Design Group.

While J.J. claims not to do anything better than anyone else, he’s been able to get the best people on his team. That in itself, is something special.

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" Listening is a greater gift than creativity."
5 Star Rated Designer

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