EliasHead Draftsman and Project Manager

Elias comes to Elite Design Group from upstate New York. Hired straight out of school, he’s gained years of experience in all aspects of building homes after beginning in a more managerial role. You could say that he’s a homegrown EDG talent, since he’s been with us from the start of his career.

When he first started working at EDG, Elias was in charge of scheduling and coordinating clients, builders, and the creative team. He gradually became more involved in drawing, sketching, and the day-to-day tasks that help the design team flow. Eventually, he became our Head Draftsman.

Elias credits J.J. with teaching him how to design houses and to deal with the more technical aspects of home builds, from start to finish. His teammates point out his research prowess as one of his strengths. His technological mind – that ability to understand how things work – has served him well in drafting and designing homes that meet clients’ demands.

He also takes on Project Manager tasks as needed, as soon as they reach a certain point in the building process. For Elias, it’s the process he enjoys most. “To see a design go from a picture on paper and a list of requirements, to laying the foundations, to seeing the finished home staged – that is what I enjoy working towards each day.”

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