Things To Consider When Choosing A Floor Plan For Your New Home

Elite Design Group|06/Jul/2016

Things to Consider when Choosing a Floor Plan for your New Home Choosing a floor plan can be the most stressful part of designing your new home. Your might become attached to plans that you’ve dreamed about having, rather than choosing a plan that fits your lifestyle....

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Garage Basics: A Guide To Different Types Of Garages

Elite Design Group|28/Jun/2016

Garage Basics: A Guide to Different Types of Garages When you’re designing your new home, and you want to include a garage, you have many options available to you. Besides choosing an exterior that matches the home style of the main house, you can customize the garage...

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12 Popular Home Styles: An Easy Guide To Knowing Which Is Which

Elite Design Group|21/Jun/2016

12 Popular Home Styles: An Easy Guide to Knowing Which is Which When you think about the design of your new home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of architectural styles. Your aesthetic preference isn’t the only key to designing a great home for you....

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