How To Juice Up Your Small Garden With A Fruit Tree

Elite Design Group|19/Dec/2016

How to Juice Up Your Small Garden with a Fruit Tree Everyone knows that gardens make for one of the most visually appealing features in a yard. Whether it be a botanical or vegetable, gardens can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a home’s outside view. But what...

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How Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Help Shape A Home

Elite Design Group|12/Dec/2016

How Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Help Shape a Home The process of building a home similar to that of a puzzle, each piece depending on the other, to form a cohesive structure. Determining those pieces is one of the key ingredients for creating a home that fits the vision...

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Where Should You Place Your Address Sign?

Elite Design Group|05/Dec/2016

Where Should You Place Your Address Sign You just moved into your new home; you spent most of your days unpacking and organizing, making sure to put your personal touch on every item that gets displayed in your home. Your acute attention to detail is evident in your...

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A Brief History Of Architectural Recycling

Elite Design Group|28/Nov/2016

A Brief History of Architectural Recycling A new concept is coming in a new wave of design known as architectural recycling. A new home is known for one simple fact: being new. A new foundation, new walls, new rooms, new amenities, everything in a new house is new....

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Remodeling Trend Alert: Barn Doors

Elite Design Group|14/Nov/2016

Remodeling Trend Alert: Barn Doors The barn door, an American classic. With its bold red color and striking lines, the barn door is an iconic look in all farmhouses from the early 1950’s until today. As time went on the barn door made its appearances in waves of...

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